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ADGA # PD2073424P - Polled

D: Texas Skyz SG Rockin' Robin 1*M (6F) 2022 LA Score +VVV 88  2023 LA Score GVVV 86

DD: Red Wing's Raven
DS: Lost Valley TM Saga *B/*S 2015 LA V+++ (YS) 2016 LA +V+ 81 2017 LA +V+ 82

DDD: SG Red Wing's LC Muffin Top (84 VEV+ 84)
DDS: Proctor Hill Farm CH Stetson
DSD: Lost Valley HLB Seabrooke 1*M / 1*D
DSS: Lost Valley ML Toby Mac +*S/+*B

DDDD: Pace Country Apple Pearl Blue
DDDS: Beaujest KW Lucky Charms *S
DDSD: SG On Firestone Creek P Palisade 2*M 5*D
DDSS: Rosasharn TL Challenger
DSDD: Lost Valley DAX Cornelia Marie
DSDS: Lost Valley BDC Little Bear +*S
DSSD: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Lacey 2*D/2*M
DSSS: MCH Lost Valley Malachi ++*S/++B

S: AGS V3C Sundae's Desert Sage

SD: Cypress Valley VR Sundae
SS: Blue Cactus LL Alejandro

SDD: Pine Shadows Strawberry Seed
SDS: Shekinah Creek Velvet Revolver 
SSD: Blue Cactus Red Dawn
SSS: Blue Cactus Ladies Love Lucky         4 x Reserve Grand Champion

SDDD: Pine Shadows C Prada
SDDS: Fairlea Jean-Jacques *S
SDSD: AGS Shekinah Creek Esther
SDSS:  AGS Piddlin Acres CB Blue Wrangler
SSDD: Blue Fire American Dream 2*M
SSDS: Blue Fire Duke
SSSD: Desertnanny UMA Royal Lace 4*M
               1 X Grand Champion
               1 X Reserve Grand Champion

SSSS: Blue Fire Line Dance 

SDDSS: Promisedland LD Incredible Hunk *S
SDDSD: ARMCH Fairlea Fleur 3*D   AGS 91.1 Excellent, in 2006
               3 X Grand Champion       4 X Reserve Grand Champion          
               6 X Best Udder

              Best Udder at the 2005 ANDDA National Specialty 
SSDDD: GCH AGS Dreams Come True Be Obie 1*M 1*D LA VEEE90
SSDDS: AGS DF Farms EDH Captain America
SSDSD: Blue Fire Inara Sera
SSDSS: Blue Fire Take A Chance
SSSDD: Dessertnanny BR Allegra 3*M 3*D
SSSDS: AGS DF Farms UM Ursa Major 
SSSSD: AGS Blue Fire Mystic Dancer
SSSSS: Blue Fire Hillbilly 

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D: Pretty Penny Baby
DD: Double Durango Kinks
DS: Double Durango Mushashi                       1 X First Place 1 X Reserve Grand Champion Buck
DDD: Kids Corral TSG Wind Chime
DDS: J-Nels CM Cowabunga Cowboy
DSD: Double Durango Sushi
DSS: Kids Corral LB Prince Blue

DDDD: Little Tots Estate Wind Flower
DDDS: PGCH/MCH/GCH Little Tots Estate Tsuga ++*B
              11 X Grand Champion              2 X Best In Show

DDSD: J-Nels CH Casper
DDSS: CH Rosasharn BB Chocolate Moose
DSDD: Double Durango Panda Chili Dog
                 2 x Reserve Grand Champion Senior Dry Doe Awards
DSDS: Old Mountain Farm Renegade      
                 2 x Reserve Grand Champion
DSSD: Kids Corral CVF Oh My Darling
DSSS: MCH Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue +B 

DDDSD: ARMCH Lost Valley Chloe 4*D VG AR2208
DDDSS: Gay-Mors RA Kingwood ++*S
DSSSD: Lost Valley Zinfandel 3*D                          2 X Grand Champion
DSSSS: ARMCH Twin Creeks BW Perfect Storm +S 

S: Pretty Penny Henry
SD: Double Durango Cocoa Lace
SS: Livin My Dream BP Gold Lemans *B
SDD: Double Durango Mocha Moolatte 3*M
SDS: Double Durango Minimo-Jo *B
SSD: SG J-Nels LY Clootie 3*M VEVE 89
SSS: Dill's PD Black Pontiac *B V+V 85

SDDD: Little Tots Estate Melica 2*M
              1 X Junior Champion                   1 X Best Jr Doe In Show

SDDS: CH/MCH/PGCH Buffalo Clover Valentino ++B+S, LA2012 EEE91
          12 X GCH Senior Buck                  4 X RES CH Senior Buck                      3 X GCH Jr Buck     
          4 X Best of Breed                               5 X Best in Show                                          7 X Champion Challenge

SDSD: GCH Double Durango Mini-Me 1*M      
           7 X First Place        3 X Grand Champion Senior Doe     1 X Reserve Grand Champion Senior Doe            4 X Best of Breed               1 X Best in Show

SDSS: SG Little Tots Estate Agave *B
SSDD: SGCH J-Nels ER Dumplin 2*M VEEE90                2011 ADGA Reserve National Champion
SSDS: GCH Chenango-Hills Lysander +*B EEV90
SSSD: Dill’s XM Avalon 1*M
SSSS: Dill’s GA Pandemic *B 

East Texas

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