FEBRUARY 22, 2022 : Full herd tested for CAE, CL & Johnnes- all negative. Can show proof on request.

Welcome....we are so excited to have you visit our page!

Here at Hidden Acres Farm, our goal is produce healthy, parasite resistant & solely dam raised kids. 

We are adding other branches to our farm over the next few years to include raw, local honey,  fresh cut flowers & free range chicken eggs.

If these sound like some things  you are interested in, please peruse our page and ask any questions you may have.

Thanks for visiting!


Some of our latest photos.

We love to take pictures and show them to the world.



Cam & Winter

Iris & Daisy

Little Hen

Suna the Chicken Wrangler

Some of our hens

Little Junipers wipe out

Reeses the Rooster

Pretty girl....S'more

Tala our Barn Security

Blue waiting for his next cue

Loki the Cuddler

David - Conqueror of the Porch

Pamfur the Keeper of the Greenhouse

Greenhouse during Snowmaggedon 2021

Head of Farm Security - Blue and Barker (who we recently lost to illness)

Henry as a little guy

Oni - Watching for Birdies

Blue waiting patiently for snow to melt

Yes - We really do have that many cats